Assessment off Beverages Sum to help you Opportunity Consumption in summer and Winter season

Assessment off Beverages Sum to help you Opportunity Consumption in summer and Winter season

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All drinks hydrate and most also provide nutrients and energy. Our objective was to evaluate the contribution of drinks to total energy intake in summer and winter. Data were obtained using the Water Balance Questionnaire (WBQ) from a sample of the general population in Athens, Greece (n = 984), 473 individuals (42 ± 18 years) in summer and 511 individuals (38 ± 20 years) in winter stratified by sex and age. The WBQ embeds a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire of 58 foods and the Short International Physical Activity Questionnaire. Data were analyzed for the contribution of drinks to total energy intake. In winter, total energy intake was 2082 ± 892 kcal/day; energy intake from drinks was 479 ± 286 kcal/day and energy expenditure 1860 ± 390 kcal/day. In summer, total energy intake was 1890 ± 894 kcal/day, energy intake from drinks 492 ± 499 kcal/day and energy expenditure 1830 ± 491 kcal/day. Energy intake from drinks in summer was higher than in winter (p Keywords: water balance questionnaire WBQ, winter, summer, hydration, sugar-sweetened drinks, drink

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Beverages from the categories of beverage, java, milk, fruit juice, carbonated drinks, eating plan products, energy beverages and you may alcoholic drinks appear in a huge and you will broadening number of alternatives. Diversity meets flavor choices, health standards, and you can lifetime need, and in case many different products are available, it’s likely to visited euhydration .

Drinks lead as much as twenty five%–50% out of drinking habits [2,step 3,4], ergo he is important for meeting every day water needs and achieving euhydration. Hydration might have been from the repair out of normal bodily and you may cognitive qualities .

Yet not, it has been debated one products contribute notably towards broadening being obese rates globally [six,7], simply because of its time articles [8,nine,10]. In certain studies, Sugar Sweetened Products (SSB) usage might have been associated with putting on weight in kids and you can grownups , when you are research you to definitely decreasing SSBs often decrease the threat of obesity and you can associated ailment particularly diabetes could have been viewed given that persuasive . Time intake regarding products has grown substantially for the past 40 decades from the just as much as 222 calories for every individual a-day .

Nonetheless, products throughout the various groups do not lead just as in order to energy intake . The power stuff of the drink including usage activities may suggest or even, i.e., specific caloric drinks can be ate scarcely for this reason adding little or no to each and every day time consumption. This has been debated you to definitely replacing sweetened caloric beverages which have liquids will help remove total times consumption within the fat users . Nevertheless, use of sweetened caloric beverages are a complicated procedure that may be considered not in the caloric contribution and in the new framework from diet models .

Moreover, at the same time to help you dinner application, various points including seasonality, exercise accounts and you may sex can impact the fresh variety inside drink alternatives and you may share to help you complete opportunity consumption. These types of affairs have not been totally investigated; subsequent education in this region often elucidate the current matter-of energy consumption of dieting offer and you can out-of beverages specifically.

Inside the a previous research held from inside the Greece, using the Drinking water Balance Questionnaire (WBQ) equipment, we learned that within the 984 people, 24% off water intake arises from products . There is a keen unequivocal have to subsequent involved throughout these results, elucidating new contribution out of drinks to help you overall times consumption and you can equilibrium.