Musical with the rue theme try attribute out-of Lithuanian folklore

Musical with the rue theme try attribute out-of Lithuanian folklore

In a single brand of Lithuanian grazing tune, the mythopoetic image of rue is linked on the pictures regarding dew and a cow swimming regarding the ocean: ‘Ralia rolia, Cow, rue,/ [. ] Where will you be? / [. ] Mine is swam tossed the brand new waters,/ [. ] Exploit was dew rubbed, / [. ] Mine a lawn was drank, / [. ] Cow is grazed by the cowherds, / Ralia rolia, Cow’s milk are drinked’. (KTR 120 (35), Ignalina part, Lithuania, recorded inside 1987).

An additional track, rue are of the Morning Star and you will a flower yard about yard: “Oh Early morning Superstar / On turf, ciuto, / In the rose garden, ruto” (Slaviunas 1959: 365-367).

The wreath symbolically represents the fresh vulva, and the horse’s trampling out of a rue garden, said from the songs, are tantamount to presenting good sexual intercourse having good virgin (1935: 235-237)

A beneficial wreath away from rue is more off a symbol characteristics, during genuine society rue was only one to plant among several that would be merely woven towards the a great bride’s wreath so you can beautify the top of brand new top, otherwise a tiny wreath away from rue might be connected with a great bride’s direct.

This new mythopoetic picture of rue (otherwise good wreath of rue) during the folklore is short for a girl’s puberty, a beneficial bride’s virginity, sheer matrimonial like, maturity, while the purpose so you’re able to marry itself

A well-known version of relationship sounds informs in the good boy who tours towards a pony one measures to the a girl’s rue yard and tramples off rue; otherwise a beneficial girl requires good boy to go back their own rue wreath, however, he declines because the he has got fed it so you can his horse. Or perhaps in the fresh new Eastertide songs a powerful north piece of cake punches a rue wreath regarding a beneficial virgin’s head into the sea; she cries piteously; then girl asks three brothers – most of the fishermen – to retrieve their unique wreath on liquid. It agree – however, demand a present in return; the fresh new virgin intends to render a fantastic band into the basic, a silk sash to some other, and marry the next. Or a chap swimming to get a good virgin’s rue wreath away of your own sea actually starts to drown and you will attach brand new girl that have a pledge to enhance rues in his memory into the his grave.

Considering J. Baldauskas, rues, an excellent wreath away from rues, otherwise good rue garden, stand femmes Burmese for a virgin by herself. Ergo, when to provide a great rue to a boy, an effective girl appears to provide herself so you can your.

Broadening rues inside the a good maiden’s rose yard symbolises this new carefree young people and you will beauty of a beneficial virgin. About Lithuanian hen-party musical, the life out of a maiden is normally yourself weighed against a good rue, which in its own turn is also connected with perfect and you may lily: ‘I sowed rue, / We sowed mint, / I sowed a lily, / We sowed my young days / Eg a green rue // [. ] A beneficial rue flowers [. ] / Together with boy is originating / That have a metal scythe / The guy cuted off rue [. ] / He cuted off my young weeks, / Eg an eco-friendly rue [. ].’ (LTR 4312(11), Varanava area, Belarus, recorded for the 1971).

New apparent mythologic record out-of rue’s photo in the context of the brand new Dragon as well as the Hero’s battle and of the fresh ritualistic sales off a maiden for the a great rue, reminding of the mythic facts off their fight with a good dragon in the Baltic-Slavic folk lifestyle, try told me of the T. Civyan (1989).

An alternative Lithuanian Development-Christmas time tune, ‘Oh, palace, castle, leliumoj’, portrays a comparable mythologic disease. During the an effective greate manor (palace) nobody was strolling, except for an early on girl. She picked good rue and you may weaved an excellent wreath. Unexpectedly a very old single guy approached their unique on the horseback. ‘Oh, I transfigured, leliumoj, / To the environmentally friendly rue, leliumoj’, she claims. ‘A earliest pens man went shortly after me personally with an effective picker he selected the latest rue and just its sources are left; I’d transformed into a-sea fish in addition to old-man went immediately following me having a beneficial spear; I got transformed into a variegated cuckoo and also the old-man chased immediately after myself that have a weapon; I’d changed into a celebrity throughout the heavens, and old-man chased after myself which have an affect; clouds came, rains fell and sunken one dated man’. (LTR 2618(1), Salcininkai region, Lithuania, registered when you look at the 1948).